Photographer Rowald
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Location:Kihei, HI
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Languages:English, German
Types of Photos

event, glamour, lingerie, swimwear


After a very long break from photography, I am back into it. I got spoiled by o­ne wonderful model 😴. Well, since my equipment and all my photos are far far away, I've started over from scratch. I don't even miss my old equipment, hence its not digital 😁. I am also building my private website, where you will be able to see lots of work samples, but until that is finished see some sample here at www.modelgraphy.com.

I love to experiment and try new and old things. I even tried a hole camera o­nes. I did development myself and a lot of other crazy stuff. Well the PC is my dark room now. Its not so much fun, but definitily smells less 😁.

Ohh, I love a more natural style. I love details in photos, like the details in eyes and skin. I don't like the rubber doll look. 100% perfection is boring.

By the way ... I'll be in Hamburg, Germany soon and if you need a city motif or wanna pose in front of my camera contact up.

If you like www.modelgraphy.com and and belong to this industry, come and join us.

What am I talking about? You probably look for the site admin ... well look HERE . Ha ha that guy's name is Rowald ... opps that's me too . he he


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